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Post  rcdallas on Sat Aug 04, 2012 12:14 am

What kinda trouble ya'll seeing on Full Moons? Last night I had 2 of 3 150's down and as I'm going down the line I see a fence that looked like it was ran down by a car and I look up and 2 phases are wrapped around each other; so I start to think ok somebody hit something.

I continue to go to the next pole and see a down guy and start to think somebody hit it...nope. Then I start going back looking at the fence and I realize I dont see any fresh tire trails in the bar ditch or anything.

I notice a goose laying there and it didn't register. So I go back a little further about another 500 ft and there is another goose laying in the road.


Them jokers we're flying along and wacked that primary hard and died from a clothesline knockout along with a phase to phase flash BDT

Then after that was cleared up my next one was a full size racoon laying on top of a pot in between the H1 and H2. Took my shotgun and grabbed on his legs and pealed his stiff arse off.

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