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Post  topgroove on Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:36 pm

The Post-Offer Physical Exam is , Nothing crazy hard.... but there is a 40 pound hot stick portion that can be a bit grueling. They hook you up to a heart monitor and keep constant track of your heartrate during the entire test. There are 5 portions...

1. Lift 112 pound box onto a 2 foot high shelf.
2. Belt onto an artificial pole and lift a 74 pound crossarm from belt high to head high and hold for 2 seconds. (Drop the crossarm or let it touch the ground, you fail)
3. Maintain control of a hotstick for 5 minutes while placing the head of it in various locations above and behind you on a wall. (Drop the hotstick or let it touch the ground, you fail)
4. Balance on each foot for 30 seconds.
5. Climb 3 pole steps up and down 15 times.

Heart rate must never go above 220 minus your age or you fail.
Heart rate must be below 100 before being allowed to take the test.
Blood pressure must be below 160/100 before being allowed to take the test.

Good luck for those who get this far in the process.

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