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Post  rcdallas on Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:35 pm

This one is easy for you. Lemme show you;

LU: 1701 Jurisdiction: KY Updated: 2/6/2012
Classification: Outside Journeyman Lineman Referal Hrs: 8 AM to 4:30 PM
Scale: 30.02 Assessments: -4.5%
Pension I: 23% Pension II: Annuity: N/A
Vacation: -4% Health & Welfare: $5.35
Book I Status: Not At All Book I Count: 1
Book II Status: Promising Book II Count: 10
Details: Local 1701 has only commercial Outside jurisdiction. Hydroelctric switchyard at the Cannelton Dam in Hawesville has started foundation work. Local 1701 does have jurisdiction on the Hydro Switchyard. Local 369 has statewide outside jurisdiction and does the majority of the IBEW work in the state. Sign in times from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Re-sign the first 10 days of the month by e-mail, postcard, fax or in person.
Local Contact Info:

How come Book I status would say Not at all and Book II says promising? The way I understand outside is they'd give their own local members first crack. Don't add up when someone from another local says promising.

LU: 1245 Jurisdiction: CA,NV Updated: 2/21/2012
Classification: Outside Journeyman Lineman Referal Hrs: 9am to 12pm or until finished
Scale: 47.87 Assessments: 2%
Pension I: 3% Pension II: Annuity: 7.18
Vacation: 0 Health & Welfare: LINECO
Book I Status: Slow Book I Count: 46
Book II Status: Slow Book II Count: 111
Details: Various work schedules -410's, 510's, 610's, depending on contractors' needs. Linemen wage scale is $46.14, there is a $50/day subsistence. ALL OVERTIME IS DOUBLE TIME. A commercial drivers license recommended, CPR and First Aid cards are required, OSHA will not accept online training. For additional information call the Outside Line hotline at 1-707-452-2700: option #8. Call before traveling to the local. Bring current dues receipt, drivers license, letter of introduction from home local. PLEASE CALL OUTSIDE OF OUR REFERRAL HOURS. Outside Line Dispatch 707-452-2722. You may surf our web site at www.ibew1245.com The Job Hotline is updated daily. BOOKS AS OF 02/21/12 LINEMAN L-1 46 L-2 111 L-3: 4 L-4: 142 GROUNDMAN G-1: 8 G-2 15 G-3 319 G-4: 326 LINE EQUIP MAN E-1: 5 E-2: 8 E-3: 13 CA

Up here it says it's both slow, some others will say promising in lieu of.

How does all this work? Once you get in on with a contractor and work a job if they like you they keep you and keep going to the next job wherever it may be? All the people waiting are just waiting for a call to go to work with somebody?

My questions may seem a little dumb founded but I don't have a full understanding as to how the outside works. The other part of it is; I think I heard somewhere awhile back not all locals will use the IBEW site to post work so you just have to call around to different halls and ask that way. Weigh in on this?

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Post  Highplains Drifter on Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:12 pm

If you read it again it says the are 1 on BookI and 10 on BookII. I am bookII in my own home local since I have not worked there in some time. To maintain BookI you have to work 3000 hours in three years. To be BookI also you must reside in that local’s jurisdiction. So you are not be a member there but if you have a driver license from that state and have the hours, you’re eligible to sign BookI.
If you really follow the rules when you take a job with a contractor and the job is over you are suppose to go back and resign the books. Not this go to the next job as lots do.
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