The Supreme Court...

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The Supreme Court...

Post  EL on Wed Apr 04, 2012 7:31 pm

in their infinite wisdom, have ruled 5 to 4(you guess who the 5 are),,,,,I know you are shocked by the 5-4 vote....something new...that it is legal to "strip-search" any person arrested for ANY offense. I thought these justices were supposed to be guarding "civil liberties"......WTF?

They want to strike down national healthcare...but give the police the power to strip search you for a traffic violation or.......maybe just "protesting" the inJUSTICES" going on in this country today. Soap Box

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Re: The Supreme Court...

Post  admin on Wed Apr 04, 2012 10:05 pm

Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, all bought and paid for by the Koch brothers. The highest court as become a corrupt bunch of hand picked handmaidens for the elite and powerfull multinational corporations. If the citizens united case didn't completly outrage you, this one surely will.
In case you don't know the particulars of this decision, A person can now be arrested and strip-searched for the most minor offence. Failure to pay a parking ticket, jaywalking, arrested at a peacefull protest... you name it!
Funny how the reich wingers preach freedom, only it seams they pick and choose which freedom to suit their agenda.


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