Apprentice lineman accident

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Apprentice lineman accident

Post  admin on Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:15 am

Pratt, Kan. — A pair of Pratt Community College students continues to recover following an accident on March 12 at the electric power technology outdoor lab.

Cameron Horesky and Land Fuller were on the top of a pole practicing installing transformers when the pole broke near the base and fell to the ground with the students, said PCC President William Wojciechowski.

One student suffered bruises and a broken wrist while the other suffered a concussion and injured two vertebrae. Both men were taken to Pratt Regional Medical Center then transferred to a Wichita hospital for a couple of days before they were released.

The wrist injury will require a pin and the back injury will require a back brace but both are expected to make a complete recovery, Wojciechowski said.

Both students had completed most of their lab work. They have made arrangements with their instructors to make up missed work and they will be able to graduate with their class.

The poles are tested with a heavy hammer before students are allowed to climb them for class work and the base appeared to be solid, Wojciechowski said.

The pole was examined after the accident. It has no evidence of rot or decay and no evidence of insect damage. A theory is the pole got too dry from lack of moisture during the winter and just snapped, Wojciechowski said.

The transformers used in the lab are not actual transformers. An empty casing is filled about one-third with sand so they are not as heavy as real transformers.


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