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Post  rcdallas on Thu Dec 06, 2012 9:38 pm

I tried calling you this morning on 1 of 3 numbers I have for you and I ended up getting straight to voicemail with this uhhh yankee accent I couldn't understand so I never left a message. No I'm not leaving a message with your home number because the answering party doesn't tell you that I called Smile

Now that your climbing the ladder you don't have time for peasants like me during the day anymore anyways.

Started the morning with a discussion on sectionalizers and I wanted to pick your brain on them as we have a S&C SCADAMATE switch programmed as a sectionalizer.

I remember you talking about them awhile back; if I reckon the way it operates is the sub recloser trips and when it comes back and trips again the sectionalizer opens up and the sub recloser closes back in provided the fault is downstream of the sectionalizer.

Provided I'm on the right path with this; explain to me how a hydraulic sectionalizer works; something to do with magnets and blah blah blah.

C'mon man--curious minds want to know.

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Post  admin on Fri Dec 07, 2012 4:06 pm

I,ll give you a call after this post bro.... In a nutshell, a sectionalizer simply opens on loss of potential. It cannot sence fault current. When the recloser trips it looses potential and opens. Our sectionalizers are programmed to opperate twice and lockout. That way when the recloser closes on the third try, it only energizes up to the open sectionalizer.


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