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Post  CanadianLineman on Thu Sep 13, 2012 6:46 pm

I don't get Byron Dunn's rag on the industry. Why would I pay 25 bucks to get that here in Canada?? Some of the members on this site say they have gotten the "10th Anniversary" of this uh er publication and in it Byron decided to take a swing at a bunch of us who he claims "...we had to ban a few people, heads had to roll, and those folks really
didn't like that at all. it flat out pissed them off but, it had to be
done." in his article "Law and Order Comes to www.powerlineman.com Forums"

Well Byron is a liar, plain and simple.

Let's get a few things straight right now.

1. CanadianLineman is not banned. I just choose not to participate in an atmosphere controlled by non-union, supervisors and a school administrator, or what ever LA is. The long and short of it is no matter how good PL.com once was and no matter how I supported Byron back in the 90s and early 2000s the site is not close to representing the industry and those who work it.

2. Byron tried to sue me because he claimed he owned the word powerlineman. Poppycock. Nothing ever came of it.

3. I take extreme exception to Byron Dunn printing his lies in his slanderous publication. I haven't got it, as i said, but if he named me Byron Dunn may just find he has crossed a line I will not tolerate. The facts are that it was me that put forward the idea of a FBOD to try to control the outrageous racist and homophobic behavior Swamprat, Healwinch and a whole host of others spewed continuously on PL.com. Many of the things that were said about President Obama, racist comments to be sure, were tolerated for years by Bron Dunn even though many complaints were made to him. Reaction from Dunn - nothing. It is a lie that he had to do something because the damage was already done and when Dunn finally got up out of what ever dark corner he was in he realized that PL.com was in dire straights.

Here is the E-mail I received from Dunn 21 March this year. You tell me if it sounds as if Dunn "cleaned house" as his lie claims. i particularly like the part where Dunn says you guys got up and left the reservation.

In a day or two you guys are going to be getting a
letter from my lawyer. The reason I had to do that is because you are
using my official Federal Trade Name to promote your forums.

have had this happen quite a few times (Line-man.com among others)and
this is just what you have to do in order to keep your trade name
strong. So I hope that you don’t take it personal. I don’t like doing it
because I don’t like giving money to lawyers ever but, it is a part of
owning a trade name. If I want to keep it I have to respond to these
things. I truly hope that you don’t carry it further.

Here is the hell of this whole thing.

have been working on a new web site that would take care of all of the
BULLSHIT that powerlineman forums has become. I have thought about this
thing for years and have paid around five or six grand to develop the
thing and was right in the process of introducing it to the Linemen when
you guys up and left the reservation.
I understand what you guys are
trying to do and I think that this brand new fresh start forum that I
have developed would have been the ticket had not the powerlineman
forums shit the bed.

is different about it is that it is members only AND each member has to
be sponsored in by three other existing members. The system keeps track
of who sponsored who so each person can only have one identity,
identified by his email. In order to become a member you have to swear
that you will never bring anyone into the Fellowship who is not a true
Lineman. If you can get the sponsorship and votes of the other Linemen
then you are in and you can propose others for membership.

can’t even look at the Fellowship site unless you’re a member in order
to keep out any prying eyes of bosses, vendors, lawyers, girlfriends,
and the like.

had been wanting to tell you guys about it and then the shit hit the
fan on powerlineman and everybody is hating my guts for not doing
something with the mess that powerlineman Forums became. I was trying to
ignore it while I got this thing launched because the real problem of
powerlineman forums was fundamental and could not be fixed by me trying
to go in there and sort it all out. For God’s sake, when you have guys
jacking around with three or four personalities and everybody is just
flat mean about it all… it was impossible to fix with all of that going
on so I was going to replace it. It was just out of control.

there would not be any of that on the new Lineman’s Fellowship site it
could be a new beginning. One Lineman one vote. It could be controlled
by the membership.

that is my side of it and I wanted to tell you about the letter so it
wouldn’t surprise you. I am really not mad at you guys and so far, I am
not holding anything against you though I have to say that cartoon with
Tracy and me was pretty funny.

Byron Dunn


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Re: Ratlineman Magazine

Post  MI-Lineman on Thu Sep 13, 2012 8:50 pm

I wasn't banned either? I'm a good wittle boy!

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Re: Ratlineman Magazine

Post  MI-Lineman on Thu Sep 13, 2012 9:02 pm

Hey look I found more of byrons "former members!" Seems they took up a new hobby while you were causin all that trouble? laughing


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Re: Ratlineman Magazine

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