Smart meters hazardous to your health?

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Smart meters hazardous to your health?

Post  rcdallas on Fri Jul 27, 2012 11:01 am

KAIH; 7/26/12

HOUSTON, TX—We live in a radioactive world. Cell phones, microwaves and even granite countertops emit radiation.

Dr. Lucho Rossman, a Radiologist at Methodist Hospital System says, 'Radiation gets a bad rap. There’s radiation, so called background radiation all the time when people walk outside. When people take a flight across the country they're exposed to more radiation then they would be if they were leaving their front door. That background radiation is something we're all experience and there've been no clear indications that that's bad.'

Smart meter fall into to this category, at least that’s what Centerpoint Energy and other providers say. Though Houstonian Jerry Rutherford believes otherwise.

Rutherford says, 'I just want people to know there’s a problem here people. And watch out and don't believe what the government is saying.'

Rutherford believes the smart meters give off more than background radiation and says his health has deteriorated ever since the meter, located on the outside wall of his bedroom, was installed. He’s now rearranging his house to get as far away from the meter as possible. He says the problem is, 'It’s really on all the time. 24/7. If you sleep here, you’re gonna get buzzed.'

Rutherford is one of growing numbers, who for different reasons, want to be able to opt-out of smart meters. The good news for Rutherford and others... is that may happen soon. The Texas Public Utilities Commission is considering allowing homeowners to opt-out of using smart meters, in favor of 'old school' analog.

For some, technological innovation isn’t always the 'smart' thing.

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