Where is everybody?!?

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Re: Where is everybody?!?

Post  BC_boy on Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:53 pm

PSE Lineman wrote:If anyone ever tried to put me up in a tent or a trailer during storm duty, I'd drag up in a heartbeat, well I'd give them a chance to make it good and then drag if nothing happened. It's a hotel for 4 or 5 hours and then a nice breakfast just before daylight, work til dark, eat dinner, then a few more hours til midnight or one am and then all over again. I can do 20's for quite a while. We get paid from our company and there is never any descrepincies. Then again, I've never been sent out of our own service territory, a nine county boomer! lol...I even had then do my laundry and it showed up in my room and the company paid for it. I never expected to be away for 10 days and only took 2 jeans and 2 shirts and socks and shorts, had to go to Kmart and buy new shorts. They look at you funny when you do that!

I'd differ on this, I'd pitch a tent for myself behind the truck in a parking lot (if it meant I got a job with the linemen)....But I'll do anything to get into an apprenticeship Razz I'm sure I'd change my tune on that after a few years on the job.

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Re: Where is everybody?!?

Post  EL on Tue Jul 31, 2012 6:40 pm

Gumbo wrote:
EL wrote:Here we go again, PA is getting hammered
Well, I'm here!! Thought I recognized you when I met you at the service center the other day. Heard we finshed up the storm outages today . My crew hot sticked a set of switches in the 34.5kv for where ya'll are going to put up the new building. Tomorrow we'll be framing and setting the new poles for the redirect. Your boss must like the way we roll. Easiet storm money I've made in awhile. How long are they planning to keep us here??

Ahhh, you never would have figured it out if Quentin hadnt "blown my cover." Sorry I missed the autograph session Wink Quentin could not wait to tell me this morning that he told you guys you had met the infamous "Electriklady." It was pretty funny.
You guys are doing a super job....I had heard last week that the building construction was supposed to begin August 1, so thank God you guys "blew in with the storm" or we would be way behind schedule. I am glad they are not working you too hard, but then again, I am sure that you can see the mass confusion in the office in the morning so that is probably why you are not getting worked into the ground.

Later Gator!


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