warning to the young apprentices out there

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warning to the young apprentices out there

Post  topgroove on Fri Apr 27, 2012 12:47 am

Be carefull what you read from powerbottom.com there a bunch of no talent rats there.
Quite Frankly, I am convinced they are gonna get some kid killed over there!

Here's a post from one of there more active posters; wearing rubber gloves to change out transformer There might be some of you that are required to wear your rubbers while changing out transformers,I would assume that its a part of the ground to ground rules some companies use.....I was watching a vid on youtube and for me it just looks strange and very unconfortable......personally I cant see it,just my opinion.....another step thats taken too far....when the highside is removed,the switch is opened,and you have secondary grounds below what is the logic behind this?.......it may be one of those steps that its normal if you were brought up that way....but handling transformer bolts,washers,case ground connections,highside connections with rubbers seems unconfy as hell.......or is it a rule that is just a rule that nobody follows......

Are you fucking kidding me! it seams unconfy? as reppy puts it.... I'll tell you whats uncombfortable! how bout having both arms amputated and spending months in a burn treatment center. If you can't handle the hardware on the pole with your PPE on get the hell out of the trade. Opps I forgot, according to hillbilly Poot, Reppy is out of the trade. violent

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Re: warning to the young apprentices out there

Post  Gumbo on Thu May 24, 2012 3:01 am

That is why I insist on Aps wear hand shoes at ALL times on the ground. Get used to it. If you can't handle it in leather gloves standing on the ground, you have no chance in rubbers standing in a bind. This keeps your hands clean as well which cuts down on caca getting imported into your rubbers. I got the $h*t knocked out of me once from dirty sweat water pouring out of a glove.


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