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Post  EL on Sun Apr 15, 2012 1:18 am

It seems that after swampRAT's long and repetitive farewell message last week, he is now under the illusion that he is again "all that" on again. I thought you were leaving....or was that a way of getting people to beg you to stay, oh King of Wisdom. He accuses the members of this site of being "tacky"...that would almost be funny if it werent coming from the king of tackiness. I am all of a sudden a "glorified meter reader"(lol, who cares?) or referred to "the girl" since I joined this forum.....ouchy, my "girly" feelings are hurt, I am gonna go be looked down upon by a man of your character, I am not sure I will ever recover....well, maybe I will......... Every post you make is filled with bullshit, and you must be "foaming at the mouth" now that you have been stripped of your ability to spew all your hatred and intolerance on Byron's site. All that vile shit must be backing up in your system and you will be going into toxic overload anytime now.

Yes, we are mostly all union members over here, that is what union members do....they stick together. The ones that are not union members do not come on here and post all kinds of bs about unions and their membership, like you do. We respect them and they respect us...It is not a necessity to be a union member here, you see no non union bashing here nor any union bashing...It is kind of nice.....a unique concept for you, huh?

We are not, nor do we strive to be....we are a group of people, where many of us have become very good friends, and we enjoy our site and our fun very much. It is like a "home away from home."....and I do see you still sneaking in here taking peeks at what we are doing swampRAT............ as for us keeping track of who peeks in, call it a way of making sure no hatefilled troublemakers sneak in here and try to start shit...cause quite frankly we are sick of the shit.....well actually....your take you jabs at us over there, and play "holier than thou" and we will continue to do what we do...and having fun doing it.

oh and yes, this glorified meter meter is still a socialist liberal union advocating Obama backer.... Taunting Taunting laughing


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Post  topgroove on Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:58 am

[quote="Swamprat"][/"Tacky" is not the word I'd use for the "people" on that other site. I could be much more..."Figurative".
But...they "Are what they are"...and it's very visable, WHAT they are.

Here's ALL their Vids Clive. Where ya can watch ALL their Filth and hate they spew against and the People On

And...They actually...Think... People in the Electrical Trade...would actually want to join a board like theirs? Good Fu$kin Luck.

It's a "Clique" board, of...mostly union boys and the girl...
that didn't like to hear "Different Opinions" on THIS board.
So...they formed their Own little "Clique" board, where they can talk to themselves.
How's that workin for em?

I don't see NO Advertisers on that piece of Cr$p board. And by the "Statistics" of the "mob" left...THIS board is getting more Traffic, and Advertisement, hasen't slipped a BIT!!
Good fu$kin riddins to em.

I hope Reppy is Ok too. No health problems and sh$t like that.... I might have ragged on the boy a bit...but, sh$t...that's just "Line Talk". Water off a Duck....If He's a Lineman, and I'm pretty sure he BS wouldn't have run him off.

Well said EL, It seams Byron took down the butt hole. Mostly a forum af rat conrtactors and supervisors, It drives them nuts that we have a forum to speak out against their union hating retoric.

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