There gonna get someone killed over at the other site

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There gonna get someone killed over at the other site

Post  topgroove on Fri Mar 23, 2012 6:43 pm

Bren posted a picture of a metal deadend board... He thinks its the coolist thing ever. Could you imagine standing on a grounded platform doing work in the energized

Why not wear a hat that says hi im a series resistor. The fucking nittwits over there think its the greatist invention ever... You think theres a reason they make them out of fibre glass. I bet duckfucker orders some for his crews.

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Post  CanadianLineman on Fri Mar 23, 2012 7:21 pm

Yea, I saw that. Perhaps liability isn't a big concern over there. There should be a disclaimer that says, "Don't try this at a North American utility because it wouldn't be close to legal."

When I started - last century - I saw lots of homemade stuff, but we didn't do very much hot work in the utility where I worked and they weren't quite as conscious of the fact that a fatality will close your company - utility or contractor - pretty quick. A decade or so ago a utility in BC had 2 fatal accidents within a month and the WCB shut down ALL hot work until everyone was re-certified. That was the same utility where I saw all the home made bakerboards and gins just 2 decades before. Now things used in the industry today had better have an engineers cert to accompany the tools or else the big "shut down" isn't far away.

I'm sure I can speak for others here that no one will post unsafe stuff here - twice. I do know, though, that the UK is very vigilant about safety, seriously so, but what works safely there is not acceptable in North America and vice versa.

Stay Safe


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