Some of you have expressed an interest...

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Some of you have expressed an interest...

Post  EL on Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:19 pm

in learning some of the things that we as "metermen" do...and more info on metering and CTs etc

If many of you are like the linemen I work with.....They come to me and tell me, "I need a meter for a 277/480 3 phase service." They will not go down in my shop and get a meter...unless it is a house I thought I would do a little thing on meter forms.

It took me a while to get them all down and I worked with em everyday, so I imagine it is something you guys dont retain, as you dont work with them that much.

1S meter is for a 2 wire 120 volt service.
2S meter is for a 3 wire 120/240 volt service. Class 200 and Class 320...not autoranging
3S meter is for a 3 wire 120/240 volt service with CT.(no longer use)
4S meter if for a 3 wire 120/240 volt service with 2 CTs...over 400 amps
we no longer order 4S meters and have replaced them with a 5S/45S meter for the same purpose.
9S meter is for a 4 wire 240-480 volt service with 3 CTs alone or with 3 CTS and 3 PTs.
12S meter is for a 3 wire network, and a 3 wire 3 phase Delta service.
16S meter is for a 4-wire, self contained 3-phase service...
There are many more forms of meters but these are the ones that we use now. We have to replace some of the older forms of meters with the above meters.


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Re: Some of you have expressed an interest...

Post  rcdallas on Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:27 pm

I do believe I came across a 3S just last week. At first I thought I was dealing with some 3 phase and after looking at it better it was in fact CT's on a house meter. Had a multiplier of 20 I think.

Would like to see that trick converting a 2S to a 1S now that I know a couple of forms!

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